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A new day
A new day (2021)

Maryam Rafizadeh, 25, is responsible for raising 10 boys aged 16 to 20. It may not be easy to portray the love and affection that exists in the space of this house, but the reflection of this love can be seen in the spirit and behavior of these children

Duratain :73 min

Director(s) : Negin Kianfar

On the shores of Caspian
On the shores of Caspian (2020)

This film deals with the pollution of the Caspian Sea and its causes.

Duratain :57 min

Director(s) : , Pezhman Mazaheri Pour

Men of Men
Men of Men (2020)

The city of epic and self-sacrifice of Najafabad has sacrificed the most martyrs (ie 8.5% of the population) during the holy defense during the eight years of the imposed war. This documentary addresses a number of these families. The father of martyr Mohsen Hajji is the narrator of this documentary.

Duratain :29 min

Director(s) : , Seyed Mohammad Javad Miri

Cinema Rex
Cinema Rex (2020)

August 19, 1978 At around 10 pm, the Rex Abadan cinema with the movie "Deer" was screened and more than 600 uninformed souls were burned behind the scenes. This documentary is about people who were somehow the victims of this tragic incident

Duratain :96 min

Director(s) : , Mitra Mehtarian , Sadegh Dehghan

Tattoo (2020)

Abbas Beyrami is the third child of a successful family. The abuse of his father and teacher leads him to addiction. Abbas explains to Mohsen, who is addicted, how to go through this journey and return to his health.

Duratain :62 min

Director(s) : , Hamed Soadat