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The little Sparrow
The little Sparrow (2020)

An artist who is worried about the bankruptcy of the Social Security Organization, starts a search to find the truth. After talking with the former and current managers of the organization, officials of the production and economic sectors and labor secretaries, he realizes that the organization has not been able to bring security to these areas, while the organization itself has fallen victim to the wrong policies of governments. It may sink

Duratain :2 min

Director(s) : Elahe Falahian Mehrjerdi

Sky’s Sun, Tile’s Sun
Sky’s Sun, Tile’s Sun (2020)

As a consequence of Sun’s explosion, a wall decorated with tiles collapses, but the people rebuild it with the help of an old lady who symbolizes Sun.

Duratain :6 min

Director(s) : , Ziba Arjang

Eternity (2020)

A pianist is mourning over the corpse of his wife in a grand castle where all of a sudden, the Angle of Death appears to take her soul away.

Duratain :11 min

Director(s) : , Farnoush Abedi

I ate, you ate
I ate, you ate (2020)

In an Iranian wedding ceremony, a lamb follows its mother and in this way gets acquainted with the customs of eating in different cultures and countries.

Duratain :5 min

Director(s) : , ُُShidokht Dejam Shahabi

Monster of  Badgir
Monster of Badgir (2020)

After returning from the sea to the shore, the fisherman puts his fishing net next to a wall. The monster that came to the wall with the wind and through the windbreak, eats the fish inside the net, and from there the fight between the monster and the fisherman begins.

Duratain :5 min

Director(s) : , Hasan Tavakoli Abandansari