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Bloor's time
Bloor's time (2020)

Honor, courage and intelligence in Iranian journalism centered on Mohammad Bloori, the father of Iranian press story writing

Duration :89 min

director(s) : Amir Farzollahi

The empty hands
The empty hands (2018)

The Islamic Revolution from the time of the intellectual uprising of French intellectuals against dictatorial regimes, including the Shah's regime, from 1975 to Michel Foucault's different interpretation of the Iranian revolution to the world is examined in Foucault's focus on this documentary. His important meetings with some opposition figures and army leaders, as well as Martyr Beheshti in Iran, are among the references that can be seen in this documentary.

Duration :74 min

director(s) : ، Jamshid Bayat Turk

Women with gunpowder earing
Women with gunpowder earing (2018)

Noor Al Helli is an Iraqi female journalist who goes to the ISIS war zones to report and film the events of ISIS's cracked up .

Duration :70 min

director(s) : ، Reza Farhamand

Ahmad Agha
Ahmad Agha (2016)

A narrative of a scavenger who has found a billion bill and returns it to its owner

Duration :50 min

director(s) : ، Seyyed Hamed Nobari

Revealing Eyes
Revealing Eyes (2015)

The documentary is about journalists who showed the world the reality of US invasion to Iraq and fell victim to the rage of imperialism. Specifically, the documentary deals with the murder of a Spanish journalist named Jose Couso, who was killed by the Americans in a direct shooting at the Palestine hotel in Baghdad. The film investigates the case by contacting Hamid Bahmani, an Iranian cameraman wounded in the same war.

Duration :47 min

director(s) : ، Hossein Medhat