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Eastwood (2020)

A picture in an old newspaper sends director and film enthusiast Alireza Rasoulinejad on a mission to the Iranian city of Sirjan to find the Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. Wearing a motorcycle helmet and embarking on his impossible journey like an Iranian Don Quixote, he lets his cinephile dreams be his guide to the dusty desert landscapes, which are straight out of ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ if only you didn’t know better. But maybe the Clint is actually out there? All the locals are on first name terms with him anyway in Rasoulinejad’s deadpan satire of Hollywood’s cultural dominance, not just in the West, but all the way out in the Iranian villages. But just like any journey is a goal in itself, his chance encounters and quaint ideas help shape Rasoulinejad’s playful but sincere film, which (self-)ironically stands in stark contrast to the masculine action star to whom it is so passionately dedicated.

Duration :72 min

director(s) : Seyyed Alireza Rasoulinejad

Counterpoint (2020)

An artist who is worried about the bankruptcy of the Social Security Organization, starts a search to find the truth. After talking with the former and current managers of the organization, officials of the production and economic sectors and labor secretaries, he realizes that the organization has not been able to bring security to these areas, while the organization itself has fallen victim to the wrong policies of governments. It may sink.

Duration :72 min

director(s) : ، Mohammad Farzinnia

Radif (2019)

This film narrates the history of Iranian music in a descriptive manner through highlighting the significance of Radif and the traditional music.Radif is a collection of many old melodic figures preserved through many generations by oral tradition. It organizes the melodies in a number of different tonal spaces called dastgah

Duration :49 min

director(s) : ، Mustafa Shiri

Like a Shadow, Like a Thought
Like a Shadow, Like a Thought (2018)

Iranian-Armenian artist Marko Grigorian is one of the pioneers of modern Iranian art. In addition to visual arts such as painting and sculpture and conceptual art, he has also had brief activities in cinema. This documentary, while talking with artists such as Aydin Aghdashloo and his friends like Reza Bangiz, tries to present his photos and images in his works. Gain a proper knowledge of him. Inclusive and international artistic connections, the presence of his works in various museums around the world, as well as his attention and services to coffee house painting are among his important features that can be seen in this documentary.

Duration :60 min

director(s) : ، Hamid Reza Zeinali

The Permal village
The Permal village (2018)

This documentary is about "Amin Faqiri", a writer, researcher and playwright from Shiraz. Conversations with some relatives, experts and himself while reading parts of his works on the reconstructed images are parts of this documentary that acquaint the viewer with the atmosphere of his works. Among his works are short stories, novels, plays and biographies, among which we can mention the village of Permal, my friend, dancers, two smiling little eyes and the biography of Saadi Shiraz. In this film, parts of the carpet weavers of 1355, paragraph 1349, directed by Rahim Howoodi and written by Amin Faghiri, can also be seen.

Duration :33 min

director(s) : ، Homayoun Emami