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On the soil
On the soil (2020)

This documentary deals with the process of soil erosion in Iran. Including improper plowing of agricultural lands and deep water supply wells of power plants, which are the causes of the spread of this environmental damage. The documentary maker has tried to give a serious warning about the process of soil erosion in Iran by making this documentary, so that the officials may think of a plan in this regard.

Duration :65 min

director(s) : Mohsen KhanJahani

The unfinished way
The unfinished way (2020)

This documentary is a portrait of the life of "Asghar Ghandchi" who was able to become a entrepreneur in the country. He was a blacksmith in the south of Tehran who could not go to school and succeeded in becoming a model entrepreneur. He is in the truck industry and the founder of the first and largest trailer and truck factory made in Iran without foreign assembly called Iran Kaveh (Saipa Diesel). It is also one of the founders of the commercial vehicle production industry in Iran.

Duration :43 min

director(s) : ، Mostafa Razagh Karimi

Vars (2018)

The insurance for the historical 70-year old Vars Bridge has been terminated. Is it still possible to use it for the transit of trains?

Duration :52 min

director(s) : ،

Silente mountain
Silente mountain (2016)

Synopsis:This documentary depicts the gradual changes in the daily lives of the residents of a distant and mountainous village in the province Boushehr, located in Southern Iran, called “Giskan”

Duration :53 min

director(s) : ، Dariush Gharibzadeh


A look at Sarcheshmeh copper industry in Kerman and its consequences on the human, animal and plant environment of the region

Duration :42 min

director(s) : ، Rahbar Ghanbari