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Bloor's time
Bloor's time (2020)

Honor, courage and intelligence in Iranian journalism centered on Mohammad Bloori, the father of Iranian press story writing

Duration :89 min

director(s) : Amir Farzollahi

Ganj Dare
Ganj Dare (2020)

One of the oldest origins of agriculture and livestock domestication in Kermanshah called "Treasure Valley" is being explored by a group of Iranian and Danish archaeologists.

Duration :38 min

director(s) : ، Keyvan Tabatabai Samimi

Where the wind blows
Where the wind blows (2018)

A humanistic view of the environmental phenomenon of drought and forced migration in Yazd region and the villages of Zeinabad, Cham, Mobarakeh, Taft and a study of the social problem of climate refugees. Expansion of industries, mines, roads, factories, and encroachment on villages, which has led to the destruction of subcultures, rural civilization, and traditional irrigation systems such as aqueducts, reservoirs, and canals.

Duration :42 min

director(s) : ، Mina Mashhadi Mehdi

Everything for sale
Everything for sale (2018)

A narration of the antiques market in Yazd, with the question of how much the identity and historical memory of Yazd city has been looted by antique dealers and how much this heritage has been preserved.

Duration :97 min

director(s) : ، Ahmad Sarraf Yazd

Hidden (2018)

Only 27 seconds of super 8mm documentary footage from the infamous so-called Black Friday (Jom'e-ye Siyāh) exists where Pahlavi Regime massacred dozens of protesters on September 8, 1978 at Jāleh Square in Tehran. In this documentary, the crew goes on an obsessive journey to find the person who actually shot the footage. Where is he? Is he still alive?

Duration :86 min

director(s) : ، Seyed Reza Razavi