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Mom (2020)

If you want to change mom, you can't ... no one is going to change anyone.

Duration :111 min

director(s) : Arash Anisi

KAKA (2016)

kaka "is the life story of 55-year-old Ishaq, who traveled to the south of the country to work, where he met a girl named Mahtab and married her.

Duration :81 min

director(s) : ، Ali Sar Ahang

According to the usual habit
According to the usual habit (2015)

A young mother is involved with her child’s problems…

Duration :25 min

director(s) : ، Mohammad Hamzeei

Ilness (2015)

A strange illness is epideictic in a city and a man is worried about his wife. He tries to save her from this disease.

Duration :20 min

director(s) : ، Milad Sotoudeh ، Sajjad Sotoudeh

Lay My Bed in The Room
Lay My Bed in The Room (2015)

A family is mourning the loss of their child and it is the third night of his death. Father, mother, brother, sister, wife and young child are together. Amir Ali helps his brother's wife for several days, and this has created some problems,but life goes on...

Duration :15 min

director(s) : ، Amir Toudeh Roosta