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Chamoon (2020)

With the Corona epidemic, the migration of Iranian nomads was prevented. For Bakhtiari nomads whose winter region is Khuzestan the condition of water, grass and hot weather became horrible. Bakhtiari nomads have no choice but to move to summer to survive their livestock.

Duration :61 min

director(s) : Arman Gholipour Dashtaki

Father (2020)

In spite of being a Nissan truck driver, a father plays Maqams instrument (type of music) just for himself. Now after many years, he is supposed to be taken to the festival by his son and his art will be revived. But because of the looks and words of the people of the city, he faces the opposition of his daughter.

Duration :23 min

director(s) : ، mohsen koolivandi

leprosy (2020)

The issue of this documentary is about the inmates of Mehrab Khan Asylum in Mashhad. This sanatorium is the first leper sanatorium in the country. The documentary deals with their lives today.

Duration :38 min

director(s) : ، Shahram Mirab Aghdam

Rasho (2020)

In April 2019, the Kashkan River overflowed and took life from the people. Yasin, the beloved young man of the Javadi clan, is drowning, and his father is bewildered and walks the path of the water to find him. His young wife is also grieving, and the sequence of bad events has made her believe that she is ominous.

Duration :53 min

director(s) : ، Reza Abbasi

A.B.C.D (2020)

The alphabet of life under the influence of Corona; it is a short summary of the documentary in which we are facing the people whose lives were influenced by Corona.

Duration :50 min

director(s) : ، Mohsen KhanJahani