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Water Lorry
Water Lorry (2020)

This documentary film is about the deprived areas of the villages of Sistan and Baluchestan Province ( Sistan and Baluchestan Province is the second largest province of the 31 provinces of Iran, after Kerman Province. It is in the southeast of the country, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan and its capital is Zahedan) that are struggling with the water crisis and these villages are supplied with water despite being on the Chabahar Sea. Meanwhile, Gando “the Iranian short-nosed crocodile” which lives in the small lakes around it has also caused problems for the people there, because most locals get their water from these small lakes.

Duration :29 min

director(s) : Hadi Afarideh

Khoonyar Children
Khoonyar Children (2019)

In a village located in Charmahal and Bakhtiyari province, two sisters (Gol-Tala, 80 and Bi-Tala, 71) and two brothers (Aliyar, 76 and Alidad, 68) live all alone. None of them are married, which makes the village people have no relationship with them. These four people live on the outskirts of the town in isolation and without any welfare facilities.

Duration :39 min

director(s) : ، Arman Gholipour Dashtaki

Where the wind blows
Where the wind blows (2018)

A humanistic view of the environmental phenomenon of drought and forced migration in Yazd region and the villages of Zeinabad, Cham, Mobarakeh, Taft and a study of the social problem of climate refugees. Expansion of industries, mines, roads, factories, and encroachment on villages, which has led to the destruction of subcultures, rural civilization, and traditional irrigation systems such as aqueducts, reservoirs, and canals.

Duration :42 min

director(s) : ، Mina Mashhadi Mehdi

In depth
In depth (2017)

An amateur archaeologist and an ecologist on the northern edge of the central desert of Iran follow in the footsteps of the first humans and, in addition to visiting and introducing Paleolithic sites in the area, managed to discover an unidentified Paleolithic site in the depths of the deserts south of Semnan.

Duration :43 min

director(s) : ، Keyvan Tabatabai Samimi

Soil,Water (2017)

A look to the Hamoon lake

Duration :56 min

director(s) : ، Farhad Varahram