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Hafez and Goethe
Hafez and Goethe (2018)

This documentary studies Hafez and Goethe, two of the most prominent poets of all times, with respect to Hafez’s strong influence on Goethe centuries later that led to the German poet’s invaluable collection of poems called West–Eastern Diwan (West–östlicher Divan).

Duration :77 min

director(s) : Farshad Fereshteh Hekmat

The Permal village
The Permal village (2018)

This documentary is about "Amin Faqiri", a writer, researcher and playwright from Shiraz. Conversations with some relatives, experts and himself while reading parts of his works on the reconstructed images are parts of this documentary that acquaint the viewer with the atmosphere of his works. Among his works are short stories, novels, plays and biographies, among which we can mention the village of Permal, my friend, dancers, two smiling little eyes and the biography of Saadi Shiraz. In this film, parts of the carpet weavers of 1355, paragraph 1349, directed by Rahim Howoodi and written by Amin Faghiri, can also be seen.

Duration :33 min

director(s) : ، Homayoun Emami

Nadere Kar
Nadere Kar (2016)

A portrait documentary about Seyyed mohammad Siaghi,Survivor of Dehkhoda Dictionary researchers.

Duration :38 min

director(s) : ، Manouchehr Moshiri

"Farzaneh Faroutan" Iran Our Circle (2015)

A review of the life and works of the great professor of Iranology, literature and manuscripts, Iraj Afshar. In this documentary we watch interviews with various Iranian and foreign professors and experts, including: Jafar Shahidi, Parviz Khanlari, Mohammad Mohit Tabatabai, Ehsan Naraghi, Jalil Dostkhah, Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, Jaleh Amoozgar, Nasser Takmil Homayoun, Mohammad-Reza Shafiee Kadkani and Aydin Aghdashloo.

Duration :95 min

director(s) : ، Seyed Javad Mir Hashemi

With the silent language
With the silent language (2015)

This documentary is a portrait of Dr. Badrulzman, a professor of linguistics, a member of the Persian Academy of Persian Language and Literature, and is one of the most persistent figures in the country.

Duration :45 min

director(s) : ، Manouchehr Moshiri