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KAKA (1395)

kaka "is the life story of 55-year-old Ishaq, who traveled to the south of the country to work, where he met a girl named Mahtab and married her.

Duratain :81 min

Director(s) : Ali Sar Ahang

Born on 85
Born on 85 (1394)

A young couple who have dream about money,get involve with many problems…

Duratain :80 min

Director(s) : , Majid Tavakoli

Gita (1394)

Gita and her husband involving in their simple daily life. Gita misses her son who lives abroad for about three years.

Duratain :85 min

Director(s) : , Massoud Madadi

No.4 (1394)

It is about two years that Atou’s father didn’t come back home from the sea and everybody thinks that he is dead. Atou’s uncle force his mother to re-marry but he wouldn’t like that. he tries to help his mother for earning a money so decides to work with smugglers to earn more money but he faces with many problems .For facing such problems , he is not old enough.

Duratain :90 min

Director(s) : , Mehran Malakouti

Nahid (1393)

A woman tries to mend the broken pieces of her last life, as she is now involved in a new relationship with a man.

Duratain :104 min

Director(s) : , Ida Panahandeh