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Bloody Eyes
Bloody Eyes (1398)

A woman with bloody eyes is expelled from her village and becomes friends with a tiger deep in the woods.

Duratain :8 min

Director(s) : Shahram Kharazmi

Jik (The Chicks’ Tweet)
Jik (The Chicks’ Tweet) (1398)

A group of chicks do not recognize each other after being painted and this causes a quarrel among them until rains starts and…

Duratain :4 min

Director(s) : , Eman Lotfian

Without beginning
Without beginning (1398)

A poor farmer lost his little crops because of drought and famine and only the rooster remains for him. One night, because of being hungry; he kills it to make a food for himself.

Duratain :7 min

Director(s) : , Saadat Rahimzadeh

Sink (1397)

: In this film a love story between a man and a woman is told metaphorically in a kitchen sink.

Duratain :3 min

Director(s) : , Mahboubeh Kalaei

Once upon a time…
Once upon a time… (1397)

A mother teaches the rule of life to their children through folkloric songs

Duratain :11 min

Director(s) : , Mahin Javaherian