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Arba’een (1397)

This film studies the mental and physical hardships that Iranian religious servants go through to take good care of Shia pilgrims who travel from Iran to Najaf and Karbala in Iraq each year on the Arabic month of Safar and their ultimate wish is to be on the site of the holy shrines of their Imams by Arba’een observance day.

Duration :40 min

director(s) : Mohamad Taghi Yazarlou

Naz-Ghelichi (1396)

The film narrates the life of Mrs. Naz-Ghelichi the only female governor in Turkmen.

Duration :33 min

director(s) : ، Alireza Jahanifar

Like Ridiculous
Like Ridiculous (1396)

Introducing Ta'zieh or like a ludicrous, evolutionary course in the Qajar period. Introducing a species like this in Meybod Yazd, rooting in traditional Iranian plays, especially the black game, Mir Nowruz and the ruler of several pseudo. Coming with a story narrative from the director's point of view is the issue of this film، Results 13 records found

Duration :40 min

director(s) : ، Ali Mohammad Naser Bafghi

The last supper
The last supper (1395)

The narrator travels to the city of Maulala in Syria and talks with the Christians of this city about the coexistence of Christians and Muslims. It narrates with militant, extremist and takfiri groups such as ISIS.

Duration :68 min

director(s) : ، Mohamad Ghane Fard

جمعه قالی
جمعه قالی (1395)

هر ساله در دومین جمعه ماه پاییز مراسمی آیینی در مشهد اردهال برگزار می‌شود که ریشه در باورهای اسطوره ای کهن دارد . این مستند نگاهی تصویری به این واقعه دارد.

Duration :20 min

director(s) : ، Mehdi Asadi