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According to the usual habit
According to the usual habit (1394)

A young mother is involved with her child’s problems…

Duration :25 min

director(s) : Mohammad Hamzeei

Exam (1393)

Gholam’s wife has a serious disease and they have no money for her treatment…they try to earn more money but they involve with many problems…suddenly a stranger comes to their life and change it.

Duration :42 min

director(s) : ، Saeed Moterased

Meteor of light
Meteor of light (1392)

The events which happened after the 33-day war in Lebanon are the issue of this film.

Duration :82 min

director(s) : ، Mohammadreza Eslamlou

A song of canary
A song of canary (1391)

A blind young adult would like to participate at the cultural and artistic festival.

Duration :31 min

director(s) : ، Muslim Nasiri

The tired voice
The tired voice (1391)

Haj Mahmoud" is a praiser who wants to praise but he could not because of his disease.

Duration :30 min

director(s) : ، Mohammad Reza Nouri